Project Works

Teknofest 2019

World Indoor Championships

2012 World Indoor Championships were held in İstanbul Ataköy Arena on March 9-11, 2012 and all the works in this event were done by Bfarm. We were responsible for flag decorations, instruction signs, big stage decorations and signboards. All of them were delivered and installed with success. Bfarm was the sole responsible of the whole operation in this championship.

Triathlon Istanbul

Istanbul Kartal Dragos Triathlon which was held by Turkish Triathlon Federation in 2014 was completely organized by Bfarm. Turkish Triathlon Federation preferred our company and we were responsible for the planning, preparing and delivering the whole organization.

International Bosphorus Film Festival

We carried out the organization of 2nd International Bosphorus Film Festival Award Ceremony under the lead of İstanbul Media Academy in 2014 with success. The event required many different areas of expertise and İstanbul Media Academy preferred Bfarm for the job.

FIAT Snow Globe

We designed a completely special snow globe presentation for Fiat’s new car 500L. For successful and striking advertisement, Fiat preferred Bfarm.

TRT Documentary Awards

TRT preferred Bfarm to prepare the visual areas for Documentary Awards Ceremony which was organized in Beyoglu Studios by TRT.

Tennis Championship

Bfarm was preferred for all the visuals and advertisement works of International Tennis Championship which also involved Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Erzurum Winter Fest

We designed a snow globe specially for 2015 Erzurum Winter Fest and installed it after transporting it to Erzurum.