Flag Decorations

Flags used in decoration works are manufactured from our customers’ desired fabrics and used in outdoor or indoor events as an effective way of advertising or just decorating. They can be square, triangle, pentagon, dovetail or oval shaped. They are put on a string with desired length and installed anywhere you like.

Triangle Flags

Decoration pennants are commonly used in opening events. Triangle decoration pennants can be used in many occasions like outdoor events or company gatherings. We have digital flag production in various types and sizes.

Flags Arranged in Order

Indoor or outdoor decoration flags are mainly used in fair booths, opening ceremonies, gas stations or city squares. We organize the desired flag types and deliver them placed on a string.

Sail Flags

Sail flag (also known as beach flag, buoy flag, advertisement flag or fishing flag) is the type of flag that can be used as an advertisement buoy. They are commonly used in events or organizations but can also be used in storefronts to draw attention.